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The garden of Le Chat Courant

"Little Villandry"Le Chat Courant nestling among the trees opposite to the Château of Villandry, was built along the Cher, a tranquil river which flows into the Loire, 2 kilometers further.
This little area, located in the Regional Nature Reserve Loire Anjou Touraine, is part of Val de Loire, recently registered with the world inheritance of UNESCO.
Le Chat Courant, a typical regional house of the 19th century with outbuildings of the 18th, is made with Tufa stone.

Even before you enter, laburnum, Judas Tree, cytisus, tamarisk, ornemental plum trees and seringas warmly welcome you.
Here is the kitchen garden, "Little Villandry", surrrounded by low walls, close by the house and backing onto the tool-shed (one of the many outbuildings of the 18th).
Designed by our own care a few years ago, this kitchen garden offers now very nice beds edged with boxwood. With the passing seasons, flowers and fruits mingle with aromatic herbs and vegetables.

According to us, a kitchen garden is a magic place that must appeal to all the senses, the "antechamber" of gastronomy.
In essence, this garden is the opposite of those kitchen gardens where vegetables are sadly waiting in line, at the far end of the garden, only to be tossed into the pot.

Also, the delicious scent of the large wistaria takes you along towards the pergola.
Then comes the front garden, in perfect harmony with the front of the house (rosebushes, small lawn, hardy pernnial).

Kitchen garden entranceKitchen garden and tool-shed

In the back of the house, the swimming-pool seems to to "lie down" on a generous green bed of lawn.
And if you follow this gentle slope, you'll find a lovely undergrowth and a natural pond under the ash trees.
Once you pass these groves and clumps, you'll get to the large shaded meadows where horses are grazing.

Pergola - wisteriaHorses

Moreover, we've got our "clandestine" little seeds, brought by the wind or by an animal. Peacefully, they just settle down on our land...
We also leave a little space to the wild grasses...unfairly called "wild" as they can sometimes offer very nice scenery.

We did wanted this gentle transition between the structured appearance of the house and this vegetation becoming a little bit wilder once you get further and further away from human habitation.

Artichoke flower - Le Chat CourantWe deliberately let flowers and foliage caress our windows and our guests always find a fresh posy in their room.
Many other occupants discreetly live together in the garden : cat having a nap in the sun, dog fawning on to you...

We are convinced a garden is the reflection of its gardener's personality.The evolution of one is the evolution of the other.
A garden is a life work and it gives back a hundred times all the attentions and care it was given.


Magnolia - Chat CourantClematis - Chat Courant

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